Belair Lip Bombs Performs ‘Suck It In’ Live From Happy


Melbourne’s very own Belair Lip Bombs treated us to a rendition of their single, ‘Suck It In’ for our latest Live From Happy series.

Filmed and recorded in our very own Noise Machines studio the talented indie rockers seized the moment to spotlight a track from their debut release, ‘Lush Life’.

The Live from Happy session was made possible by the invaluable support of Mode, whose evocative seltzers skilfully capture the essence of nostalgic moments, transporting you to cherished memories with every sip.

Bel Air Lip Bombs

Melbournian sweethearts Belair Lip Bombs swung by Happy to share their latest single ‘Suck It In.’

In ‘Suck It In’, indie rock finds its voice, weaving introspective verses with evocative, guitar-driven arrangements. Maisie’s vocals strike a chord, effortlessly balancing candid authenticity with heartfelt emotion. 

There’s a subtle smokiness in her timbre, adding depth to the lyrical tapestry woven throughout the songs. Maisie’s delivery, refreshingly authentic and unvarnished, is an absolute auditory delight.

The final track of ‘Lush Life’, released just a month ago, encapsulates the band’s ethos of resilience. It serves as a resounding reminder that sometimes, in order to forge ahead and make things happen, you simply have to roll with the punches.

Belair Lip Bombs’ ‘Suck It In’ stands as a poignant reflection on the indispensable role of determination and acceptance in leading a truly ‘Lush Life’.

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