Beryl Perform ‘Child’s Play’ Live From Happy






Hailing from Eora, the indie rockers Beryl swung by our Noise Machines studio for a Live From Happy session.

The band delivered a live rendition of ‘Child’s Play’ taken from their latest album drop ‘Dry Peel Crack’.

Massive shout out to the best seltzers on the planet, Mode for making this session possible.

beryl live from happy

Beryl hit the Noise Machines studio at Happy with a raw, live rendition of ‘Childs Play,’ a track off their latest release, ‘Dry Peel Crack.’

Formed in 2019, Beryl is often labeled as a bridge between art-folk and indie rock. Their unique lyricism and meticulous approach to arranging music have earned them praise from both fans and critics.

The band’s 2023 LP, ‘Dry Peel Crack,’ secured Album of the Week titles on FBi Radio, 2SER, and SYN, along with airplay on major stations like RRR, and independent radio stations across the USA and Europe.

Following up on their 2022 EP, ‘Keeping Score,’ Beryl’s latest work draws influences from future-folk, experimental rock, chamber folk, and post-punk, blending instrumental textures with Beryl’s storytelling.

Beryl has been making waves in the live scene, with shows across Sydney from 2019 to 2023 and an east-coast tour in late 2023, sharing the stage with artists like Maple Glider, Husky, Chitra, and Chris Lanzon.

For those looking to catch Beryl live, mark your calendars for their performance at Phoenix Central Park in April. With their straightforward yet immersive sound, the band promises an engaging experience for fans of indie rock and beyond

To find out more about Beryl head over to their Instagram.

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