Pro Audio Gear List

Music gear is continually evolving, with new technologies and designs emerging every year, and 2023 is no exception.

The world of music gear is a constantly shifting landscape, with some makers staying true to the roots while others fearlessly explore new territories. This year has seen some groundbreaking releases that cater to every taste.

But it’s not just classic gear that’s popular – the innovative minds at Teenage Engineering are shattering the mold with their intuitive Pocket Operator series. Whether you’re a gearhead or musician, there’s something for everyone in the world of audio in 2023.



Radial: Nuance Select

Introducing the Nuance Select: a studio monitor controller designed for pristine audio reproduction. With ultra-low distortion, it ensures every detail is heard without compromise. 

Switch effortlessly between two sets of monitors and a subwoofer, while dual stereo inputs and assignable Aux output provide versatility. Two independent headphone amps with source selection offer flexibility for monitoring and tracking. With comprehensive connectivity options, including balanced TRS outputs and a subwoofer output, the Nuance Select is the ultimate tool for precision monitoring.

Head to the Radial website to learn more.


Lynx Studio Technology: Hilo 2

One of the most revered AD/DA Converters on the market has got an upgrade. Introducing the Lynx Studio Technology Hilo 2.

Notable improvements include more transparency in the device’s line inputs and outputs, the inclusion of Synchrolock2 technology for faster locking and precise tracking of external clocks, all round better LCD usability with improved brightness, off axis viewing and better touch responsiveness, thanks to their capacitive touch panel.

The Hilo 2 is anticipated at Lynx dealers in Mid 2024 with details on pricing yet to be announced.

Head to the Lynx website to learn more.



Heritage Audio: i73® PRO USB-C Interfaces

Heritage Audio introduces the i73® PRO family, The first-ever USB-C driven interfaces with built-in Class A 73-style preamps. Offering varying I/O options between the 3 models and onboard DSP. All are housed in a beautiful Neve-styled design.

If you’re looking for a modern workhorse with preamps modelled for perfection, this might just be the perfect choice for you.


i73 Audio Interface


i73® PRO USB-C Interfaces

SPL: Vitalizer MK3-T

The all new “SPL Vitalizer Mk3-T” now comes in a sleek black design with a higher internal audio voltage of 18+ V. This results in a much better sonic fingerprint and is sure to impress.

This update to a well worn classic is a welcomed addition for both new and existing fans.