Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious novice, the world of plugins can seem overwhelming at first. But fear not, dear music nerd, because our list of the top plugins will have you covered for all your sonic needs.

Plugins are the secret weapons of music production, giving even novice producers the power to create sounds that would make Mozart himself green with envy. From virtual instruments to dynamic processors, the world of plugins is a never-ending rabbit hole of sonic possibilities.

With the best plugins you don’t need a state-of-the-art studio to achieve a professional sound. So whether you’re a bedroom producer or a seasoned veteran, these top-tier plugins will elevate your productions to the next level and beyond.


AudioThing: Philicordia

Introducing Philicorda, a plugin meticulously crafted to recreate the vintage charm of the 1960s Philicorda organ. Emulating the distinctive transistor-based sound found in the later GM751 models, it faithfully captures the warmth and clarity that define the Philicorda’s timeless appeal.

Just like its vintage hardware counterpart, the Philicorda plugin includes essential features such as a vibrato circuit, spring reverb, and dual speakers. Additionally, AudioThing incorporated several extra functionalities to enhance your experience, including overdrive, envelope generator, leakage, bias control, and key click simulation.

Philicorda is available now, and is priced at $59.


Head to the AudioThing website to learn more.


Fuse Audio Labs: VREV-63 Surf Spring Reverb

The iconic reverb of 60’s surf rock has finally been replicated in plug in form.

TheVREV-63 Surf Spring Reverb plugin faithfully emulates a classic 60s Fender spring tank, offering popular modifications like a c10 capacitor for deeper tone and the option to choose between NOS 6K6 and 6V6 Valves. It provides three spring tank choices for tonal variety.

A Dwell control adjusts the input signal strength affecting reverb intensity and duration. The plugin replicates the original Mixer and Tone knobs, known for causing a ‘tone suck’ effect on hardware units, which is also present in the plugin version, according to Fuse Audio.

VREV-63 is available now, and is priced at $29 until 9 March 2024, after which it will cost $59.

Head to the Fuse Audio Labs website to learn more.


Audiopunks: Telefunken® Echomixer

Introducing the new Telefunken Echomixer from Audiopunks – your all-in-one Germanium preamp, distortion, and spring reverb plugin! Inspired by the modified 1960s Echomixer, this powerful plugin comes with features like daisy-chaining, stereo width control, and versatile spring tanks. 

Whether you’re looking for a distorted bass or a lush vocal space, this plugin is an excellent addition to your collection.


Telefunken Echomixer


Slate Digital: Metapitch

Introducing Slate Digital’s “Metapitch” – a powerful pitch-shifting plugin with controls for pitch, formant, and vocal manipulation, all in one interface.

Packed with unique features like built-in filters, stereo width, and saturation controls, it’s a versatile choice. Plus, the Low Latency mode is perfect for quick, creative decisions during tracking.