best podcast microphones

Capturing every word is crucial in the podcasting realm, where voices reign and stories unfold. As the medium expands, creators seek the finest podcasting microphones to leave their mark.

Podcasting is a powerful form of communication in the 21st century, captivating audiences with its diverse range of topics. Creating a podcast doesn’t require technical expertise or expensive equipment—just a reliable microphone, a recording device, and something worth saying.

Happy offers curated recommendations for podcasting microphones, catering to different budgets and preferences.

The Shure MV7 stands out with its USB and XLR recording capabilities, while the Rode Procaster excels in capturing speech with exceptional audio quality.

The Blue Microphones Yeti remains a timeless classic known for its versatility and durability. For incorporating external audio sources, the IK Multimedia iRig Stream Mic Pro is an excellent choice.

With these top podcasting microphones of 2023, elevate your podcasting journey and make your voice heard in the digital soundscape.

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Shure, the renowned microphone manufacturer, is capitalizing on the podcasting trend with their new purpose-built microphone, the MV7. Inspired by the highly regarded SM7B, the MV7 caters specifically to podcasters with its user-friendly features.

It incorporates voice isolation technology to eliminate unwanted sounds and offers different effects for tonal customization, including ‘dark’, ‘natural’, and ‘bright’ settings. The microphone also allows users to choose between ‘near’ and ‘far’ mic positions based on their preference and speaking style.

The MV7 can be connected to the MOTIV app for recording, editing, and tonal adjustments, and it supports USB connectivity, built-in headphone monitoring, and XLR output.



RØDE: Procaster (Cardioid Dynamic)

Australian company RØDE does it again, a high-quality microphone at a ridiculous price, honestly don’t tell your friends about this RØDE Procaster dynamic microphone. It’s kind of a copy of the aforementioned EV RE20 and boy does copy it well, as it’s got the same internal pop filter and integrated capsule shock mounting design.

While the Procaster comes with a stand mount and a pencil case, you can buy extra accessories for it like a shock mount, pop filter wind sock, and RØDE make the perfect podcaster microphone stand — a studio arm that attaches via clamp to a desk.



Blue Microphones: The Blue Yeti

The Blue Yeti USB mic, released in 2009, revolutionized home recording with its versatility and simplicity. Manufactured by Blue Microphones, known for their cutting-edge studio mics, the Yeti quickly became an iconic and sought-after product.

Its tri-capsule technology delivers studio-quality recordings effortlessly. With various recording modes, including cardioid, stereo, omnidirectional, and bidirectional, the Yeti suits a wide range of purposes, from podcasting to ASMR.

Its success can be attributed to its versatility and beginner-friendly features. By eliminating the need for an audio interface, it simplified content creation. With ongoing innovation and user-friendly design, the Blue Yeti remains a top choice for USB microphones.






Audio Technica : AT2035PK

The Audio Technica AT2035PK, known for its excellence in audio production and recording, proves to be a reliable choice for podcasting. In our tests, it exceeded expectations by delivering outstanding performance.

With its cardioid pattern and condenser design, this microphone effectively reduces side and rear pickup, resulting in exceptional voice isolation. It is an ideal option for podcasting and streaming.

For those seeking a comprehensive solution, the AT2035PK package includes podcast-friendly headphones, a boom arm for desk connection, and an XLR cable. This makes it an excellent choice for beginners, providing all the necessary components in one convenient bundle.






This sleek package conveniently sits on your desk using the included tripod stand. It also comes with a reliable pop filter. On the microphone’s side, you’ll find controls for headphone level and a blend knob for direct monitoring of computer audio, positioned just above the 3.5mm headphone output jack.

The NT-USB connects easily via a standard USB connection and includes a cable. Although it has a sample rate of 16-bit/48 kHz, it’s worth noting that most audio enthusiasts don’t prioritize higher sample rates. RØDE offers this microphone at an affordable price point while maintaining their signature high-quality standards.




Sontronics – Sontronics Podcast Pro

Introduced in early 2020, the Sontronics Podcast Pro is a dynamic microphone explicitly designed for speech recording. Manufactured in the UK, this distinctive-looking broadcast mic focuses entirely on capturing the spoken word.

Its supercardioid pickup pattern effectively rejects unwanted noise, ensuring clear recording of directly spoken audio. However, this pattern can be a drawback when attempting to capture multiple voices simultaneously.

With the rising trend of podcasts incorporating video content alongside audio, the Sontronics Podcast Pro makes for an excellent addition to any studio setup. Not only does it boast a stylish appearance, but it also delivers impressive performance at a highly affordable price.