Birdee 王煒 Performs ‘Dreams’ Live From Happy


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Indie pop artist Birdee 王煒 swung by our new studio, Noise Machines, for an epic solo performance of her brand new single ‘Dreams’ our Live From Happy series.

‘Dreams’ is the latest release of a string of singles that follows her highly successful debut EP ‘Can’t Be loved’ that put her on the musical map.

Avid’s support made this Live from Happy session possible, using their Pro Tools Software and Carbon Pre Audio Interfaces.

Birdee 王煒

Birdee 王煒 showed us exactly what a great artist is all about when she stripped her latest single ‘Dreams’ back to just piano and voice for a stunning epic solo performance. Her songwriting and musicianship was completely bare, and we were blown away.

‘Dreams’ will be on Birdee 王煒’s sophomore EP ‘On My Own’ set for release on May 26th, to be followed by a tour in July — and trust us, you’ll be blown away by her live.

Here’s what Birdee 王煒 had to say about ‘Dreams’ before taking the stage:

“Dreams is about when I was overseas solo travelling around Europe and America and the experiences i was having and the people that I was meeting and how life was feeling like a dream. 

Check out the performance below:

To find out more about Birdee 王煒 head over to her Instagram.

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