Watch Bored Shorts perform 'As The World Looks Down' Live at Enmore

Bored Shorts Performs ‘As The World Looks Down’ Live at Enmore


Bored Shorts make the kind of guitar pop that can only be crafted in the sun-soaked climes of Australia. Laconic, tongue-in-cheek, but still chiselled to a Go-Betweens level of sophistication, you can’t really get enough of this crew.

Their fresh single, As The World Looks Down stays true to form. Darkly funny and energetic, it was the perfect anthem to bring to the Live at Enmore studios.

Cutting their usual quintet down to a two-piece for this version of As The World Looks Down, Dom Hoban and Will Blackburn filled the space with their unique charm.

As The World Looks Down was Mixed and Recorded by Daniel Shaw and Owen Penglis

The opening track off their new album, Way Off!, As The World Looks Down is a rollicking rock ‘n’ roll adventure — and with the help of a few “computer instruments” — Will and Dom were still able to bring the noise.

“It’s about people who use fear and intimidation to collect people they think are friends,” said songwriter, Will Blackburn, “It’s kind of putting myself into that mindset and wondering if they’re satisfied.”

Check out the performance below:

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The Live at Enmore series is made possible with the help of our tech partner Audio-Technica. Here’s a list of the microphones that were used to capture this incredible performance:

Live at Enmore Gear List

With two guitars and two vocals in the same room, we needed to utilise figure-8 mics and careful positioning. The AT4047MP (MP standing for ‘multi-pattern’) was an easy choice.



For the acoustic guitar, we went with the versatile and detailed large-diaphragm condenser: the Audio-Technica AT4050.

Audio-Technica AT 4050


For the vocal, we went with another AT4050 — the anniversary edition ‘Urushi’ model. Both microphones were set to the Figure 8 pattern and carefully positioned to create separation between the two sound sources.



Dynamic mics are perfect for capturing all the grit and mid-range details of a guitar amp. For this task, we went with the Audio-Technica AE2300.

Audio-Technica AE-2300


Coupled with dynamic, a ribbon mic has all the bottom end juice you need on an amp. The Audio-Technica AT4081 is perfect for the task.

AT 4081