Carla Wehbe Performs ‘Jupiter and Mars’ Live From Happy

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Musician Carla Wehbe recently visited our state-of-the-art studio, Noise Machines, where she delivered a breathtaking solo performance of her brand new single ‘Jupiter and Mars’ for our Live From Happy series.

It’s the title song of her new EP, which was just released last week on Friday 24th March. Written and co-produced by Carla herself with the talented producer Robby De Sa.

Jupiter and Mars was Mixed and Recorded by Tim McArtney, Owen Penglis and Radi Safi.

Avid’s support made this Live from Happy session possible, using their Pro Tools Software and Carbon Pre Audio Interfaces.

Gracing us with a spellbinding performance of ‘Jupiter and Mars’, and only armed with her trusty Epiphone guitar and stunning vocals — Carla delivered a mesmerizing rendition that will leave you with goosebumps, just like it did to us.

You can listen to the Jupiter and Mars EP that she released here, and keep on eye out for some live shows coming soon.

Here’s what Carla Wehbe had to say about Jupiter and Mars before taking the stage:

“I wrote Jupiter and Mars 5 years ago — I wrote it when I was in LA when I was staying at my friend’s house and I was playing around with some chords and I really loved them so I wrote a melody to them.

I am obsessed with space, so I wanted to create a song that was space love themed as Jupiter and Mars are two planets that are next to each other but still very far apart.

So I guess it’s not necessarily about a long distance relationship, but the fact you could be close to someone but feel so far away from them — or the opposite. ” 

Check out the performance below:

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