Chloe Parché  Performs


Live from Happy



Chloe Parché swung by  Noise Machines studio for an exclusive Live from Happy session to perform their new single ‘Bitter’



Chloe Parché live from happy 2024 noise machines studio

Sink into the total mood of pure indie pop perfection, that is Chloe Parché’s ‘Bitter’

Fresh off the release of her new EP ‘Bad With Words,’ indie-pop darling Chloe Parché swung by Happy Mag for a Live From Happy session.

Recorded in our very own Noise Machines studio, Chloe delivered a punchy, drop of pure indie pop perfection with a performance of ‘Bitter.’

A true genre gem, Chloe’s latest offering is a poignant exploration of the complexities of human connection. 

On the surface, ‘Bitter’ might sound like a sugar-coated anthem for holding a grudge. But beneath the infectious melody lies a deeper truth: the struggle to let go of anger and the yearning for emotional liberation.

Chloe herself speaks to the track’s essence: “I adore this song because it’s about processing that grudge you hold onto someone.

It’s about the whole ‘letting go’ journey, you know? Huge shoutout to Harry O’Brien (Pacific Avenue) and Mike Brennan (The Moving Stills) for absolutely slaying the guitar work on this one.

It’s so unique and adds a whole new layer to the song. It’s basically a super fun song with lyrics that pack a punch, and I think that contrast is what makes it so cool.”

But ‘Bitter’ is just a taste of the magic that unfolds on ‘Bad With Words.’ This mesmerising collection seamlessly blends Chloe’s signature storytelling with infectious melodies, showcasing her artistic evolution in all its glory. 

Fans who devoured ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ and ‘Reeling’ are in for a treat, as the full EP promises a captivating exploration of the intricacies of human connection, delivered with Chloe’s signature flair.

To find out more about Chloe Parché  head over to her Instagram.