Chymes Performs ‘Death Wish’ Live at Enmore


The last couple of years has seen many get on the Chymes bandwagon — and for good reason. Since arriving in 2016, a string of powerful singles including the latest, Death Wish, has brought attention both locally and overseas.

A project that began in a bedroom pop setting has once again been adapted for that setting, due to the constraints of the pandemic. Never fear though, the power of Chymes is undiluted.

Packed with hard-hitting beats, Death Wish is a showcase for the pitch-perfect vocals of Chymes.

Death Wish was Mixed and Recorded by Dan Shaw, Radi Safi and Owen Penglis


Chymes (aka Kiersten Nyman) was effortless at the mic, delivering the lyrics with a saccharine tone, but with a dangerous edge. Along for the ride was producer Cameron Taylor, who provided a rich, synthy soundscape. Here’s how Chymes summed up the track:

“Death Wish is about that ‘push and pull’ struggle between being heavily involved in something or someone and feeling addicted, knowing that they, or this thing, is bad for you, but you can’t quite live without it”.

Check out the video below:

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The Live at Enmore series is made possible with the help of our tech partner Audio-Technica. Here’s a list of the microphones that were used to capture this incredible performance:

Live at Enmore Gear List

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