Cloud Control – The Start Of Something New

It took a while for the hype of their debut album Bliss Release to wear off for Cloud Control, especially considering it was the winner of the 6th Annual Australian Music Prize in 2011. But hey, they are back and dropping fans with the new single “Dojo Rising”… and let’s all raise a glass (or two) to the fact that this new single means their new album Dream Cave is gracing us later this year!

The alternative rock quartet originating from the Blue Mountains consists of Alister Wright, Heidi Lenffer, Ulrich Lenffer and Jeremy Kelshaw. I first saw them a couple of years ago supporting the wonderful Vampire Weekend, and since then they’ve supported a host of local and international acts including Arcade Fire, Weezer and The Temper Trap. Now relocating to the UK, they’ve been touring and recording the new album, and following a sold-out performance at the Joan Sutherland Theatre for Vivid LIVE, we finally got the single we were all waiting for!

Cloud Control the start of something new

The bands definitely channelling a more electronic vibe in this new track, and it really is a beautifully introspective piece of music, which to me seems to focus on a failed love… the chorus ringing out the lyrics “Give it to me easy, give it to me hard, just wanna get, get, get, live, yeah”. Alister’s tone naturally captures this idea through its pain and emotion, and the harmonies provided by Heidi during the song’s climax creates this poignant moment within the track where you find yourself pulled into this reflective state, potentially thinking about your past lovers or heartbreak.

It’s a much darker and moodier style for the band, and in an interview with Faster Louder the front man Wright reveals “There is some stuff on there that’s darker maybe, but it’s a little bit funny as well. I can remember recording it and just having a giggle because I was just like, ‘Oh that’s just really silly.’ It sounds pretty emotional when you hear it so I’m not really sure, but I feel like it’s more playful. It’s maybe more open”.

Accompanying the new single is it’s quirky clown filled music video, shot on location in Bolivia. The video features a young South American girl who beautifully mimes along to the lyrics and emotions as it follows her quest to find and kill a clown, who as usual is represented in this perilous and tragic light.

With this evolved sound and mood I’m really looking forward to hearing what the new album Dream Cave has to offer, which is being released in August via Ivy League records. It was recorded in a “little studio” in the middle of Kent, England, with UK producer Barny Banicott, who’s worked with the likes of Coldplay, Cave Painting and Turin Brakes. In fact, in the same interview I mentioned earlier with FL, Alister also disclosed the info that they recorded a lot of the stuff on the album in a cave… woah… need I say more?



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