Cowboy Malfoy Performs ‘Head Start’ & ‘Warm Towels’ Live from Happy






Indie -pop sweetheart Cowboy Malfoy, dropped by Happy Mag for a Live from Happy session. 

Treating us to acoustic renditions of their hits ‘Head Start’ and ‘Warm Towels,’ they gave us a taste of their unique baroque glam-pop style.

Massive shout out to the best seltzers on the planet, Mode for making this session possible.

cowboy malfoy live from happy

After the incredible response to their 2023 singles, ‘How I’d Kill’ and ‘Head Start,’ Cowboy Malfoy is all set to hit the stage in Melbourne and Sydney on January 19th and 20th, 2024.

On the brink of hitting it big, Cowboy Malfoy’s highly anticipated upcoming shows mark significant milestones in their musical journey.

Happy to be back on the live scene after a year focused on writing and production, Cowboy Malfoy is ready to give Aussie fans a straight up dose of their special brand of genius in 2024.

Their music reflects a diverse life journey, influenced by international schooling in Vietnam and France. Drawing inspiration from artists like Kings Of Convenience, laufey, Chick Corea, and Lamp, they explore the sweet spot between alternative and pop.

At the heart of Cowboy Malfoy’s creative process is a deep dive into emotions and identity. As a trans non-binary individual navigating ADHD and OCD, they use their music to navigate the twists of self-discovery and challenge media narratives about understanding thoughts and feelings.

The upcoming live shows in Melbourne and Sydney promise immersive experiences that capture the unique essence of Cowboy Malfoy’s artistic vision. With a self-taught and dedicated approach, Max has handled the entire creative process, showcasing a unique blend of creativity.

Dropping into , Cowboy Malfoy delivered stunning renditions of ‘Head Start’ and a sneak preview of ‘Warm Towels.’

Watch Cowboy Malfoy’s Noise Machines Studio sess, and catch them at the Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood, VIC, on January 19th, and at The Lansdowne Hotel in Chippendale, NSW, on January 20th.


Friday, 19 January 2024

Gasometer Hotel, Collingwood VIC

Tickets here


Saturday, 20 January 2024

The Lansdowne Hotel, Chippendale NSW

Tickets here

To find out more about Cowboy Malfoy head over to their Instagram.

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