Dande and the Lion Perform ‘Children of the Hour’ Live From Happy


Dande and the Lion, hailing from both Australia and the UK, delivered a standout performance of ‘Children of the Hour’ in the latest edition of our Live From Happy series.

This dynamic quartet brought their infectious energy to our Noise Machines studio, gifting us with an indie pop gem that captures the essence of falling in and out of love, freshly released this year.

The Live from Happy session was made possible by the invaluable support of Mode, whose evocative seltzers skilfully capture the essence of nostalgic moments, transporting you to cherished memories with every sip.

dande and the lion

Dande and the Lion, a collective hailing from both Australia and the UK, treated us with their signature indie pop sound, infused with a healthy dose of synth.

Their track “Children of the Hour” delves candidly into the complexities of love, with a touch of alternative new wave vibes. It’s the kind of tune that resonates with anyone who’s navigated the ups and downs of a relationship where timing just wasn’t quite right.

Fronted by dual lead vocalists Abbey Gardner on synth and Natassa Zoe on guitar, backed by Chris Gabriel on drums and Nicholas Shea on bass, Dande and The Lion bring a tight musical chemistry to the scene.

Their performance was a seamless interplay, showcasing Abbey and Natassa’s stunning harmonies, and their ability to craft music that feels both all at once familiar and innovative.

Striking a combination and balance that’s not easily achieved,  the band has created an engaging listening experience that lingers long after the last note fades.

With “Children of the Hour,” Dande and the Lions have found their footing in the indie scene, delivering a track that speaks to the human experience in a genuine and relatable way.

Keep an ear out for what this quartet has in store.

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