Danté Knows Performs ‘Vicious’ Live From Happy


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Singer, Rapper and songwriter Danté Knows recently visited our new studio, Noise Machines, with his full live band for an electrifying performance of his song  ‘Vicious’ for our Live From Happy series.

Born in the mecca of Hip-Hop — Brooklyn, NY — Danté Knows is now Sydney-based and has proven to be one of the artists to watch.

Avid’s support made this Live from Happy session possible, using their Pro Tools Software and Carbon Pre Audio Interfaces.

The track Vicious comes from Danté Knows latest EP ‘VICIOUS’ that has features from UK artist Jamie Rendle (Will and The People), and long time collaborator Xing Xang Dog. Released late last year, it’s an eclectic journey that you should check out.

You’ve just missed Danté Knows headlining at Bad Friday (House of Music and Booze, Sydney), but don’t worry he’ll surely be performing soon. In the meantime, you can play this killer live performance on repeat.

Here’s what Danté Knows had to say about Vicious before taking the stage:

“This song means so much to us because we collaborated with our boy Jamie Rendle from Will and The People, and it was the first song that we all got to sit down and collaborate on.

To finally have it out in the world is an amazing feeling. Hope you guys enjoy the performance, Love you!” 

Check out the performance below:

To find out more about Danté Knows head over to his Instagram.

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