Dave the Band Performs ‘Endstart’ Live at Enmore

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Dave the Band has been a favourite of Happy’s for years. The Newcastle three-piece deliver straight-up punk rock just the way you like it — brash, hard-hitting, and with ridiculously catchy melodies.

They played their new melancholic wonder Endstart when they visited the Live at Enmore studios — looking fresh with the help of our friends at Dangerfield. Appearing on last year’s Steve Albini-produced Slob Stories, the track is full of Dave the Band’s tight and infectious pop-punk grooves and anthemic choruses.

This is a band that’s made for the stage, but on this occasion, they transferred that energy to the studio, with inspired results.


Endstart was Mixed and Recorded by Owen Penglis and Radi Safi

Dave the Band

Behind the kit, Gabriel Argiris pounded out the groove with intensity, slotting right in the pocket alongside bassist Max Tuckerman, who leant his harmonies to the choruses. Frontman Noah Church’s unmistakable vocal tone cut through the mix, on a bed of spacious and crisp guitar chords.

“It didn’t take me a long time to write, but we worked on it for ages,” says Church. “Once we had it, it just clicked. I’m still working out what it’s about.”

Check out the performance below:

Endstart appears on Dave the Band’s new album Slob Stories. Listen to it on Spotify.

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