Eagle Eye Jones Performs ‘Broke the Spell’ Live From Happy

In the latest instalment of our “Live From Happy” series, we had the pleasure of hosting the incredibly talented Australian band Eagle Eye Jones.

Gracing our Noise Machine Studio, they treated us to a captivating performance of their latest single ‘Broke the Spell,’ a standout track from their freshly released album ‘Net Growth’.

This session was made possible by the generous support of Zeus Street Greek. Over the next few months Zeus Street Greek are collaborating with Happy Mag to feed independent music!

eagle eye jones

As Plato eloquently put it, “Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

With this sentiment echoing in our hearts, we couldn’t miss the chance to witness the magic as Eagle Eye Jones laid down their track. And to make their recording experience even sweeter, we couldn’t resist serving them a post-session feast from Zeus Street Greek.

After all, much like the musicians, Zeus Street Greek are passionate about what they create – a modern Greek culinary journey that resonates with people’s taste buds and souls alike.

With their latest single, ‘Broke the Spell,’ Eagle Eye Jones has struck a chord that lingers – a haunting fusion of mood, melody, and captivating vocals that explores the complexities of first love and the irrevocable changes it brings.

This song isn’t just a musical creation; it’s an emotional journey, evident in their mesmerising live performance.

As they tread the boundary between mainstream and art rock, Eagle Eye Jones have found their niche, forging an unbreakable connection with fans across Australia and beyond.

With their sleeves rolled up and an unwavering dedication to their craft, Eagle Eye Jones embody the true spirit of independent artists – an attitude that resonates with our friends Zeus Street Greek, who have been purveyors of delectable modern Greek cuisine since 2014, fuelling us to champion independent music, art, and culture with equal fervour.

This collaboration between Zeus Street Greek and HAPPY is more than a partnership; it’s a celebration of creation, connection, and sharing. Much like the perfect pita dip, our passions meld seamlessly – modern Greek cuisine, art, culture, and the undying spirit of musicians who create from the heart. So, as you tune into this incredible performance by Eagle Eye Jones, make sure you’ve got a delectable ZSG delivery on hand to elevate the experience.

To find out more about Eagle Eye Jones head over to their Instagram.

To find out more about our sponsor please head to their website’s Zeus Street Greek and Mode.