Ella Haber Performs ‘Buzzing’ Live from Happy



Ella Haber swung by our Noise Machines studio for an exclusive Live from Happy session to perform their new single ‘Buzzing’


ella haber live from happy noise machines studio 2024

Ella Haber recently graced our Noise Machines studio with an exclusive Live from Happy session, serenading us with her latest single, ‘Buzzing.’

Lifted from her EP, ‘Moments Between Dreams,’ the track unveils a conversation between her younger self and the woman she has become. 

The song delves into a conversation between her younger and current self, advising the former to chill out amid the quest for perfection.

‘Buzzing’ came together swiftly among six random tracks, altering the course of the entire album. It essentially sums up the EP’s vibe and feel.

Based in Eora, Ella Haber, a multi-talented artist, not only shares her new track but also her personal journey through ‘Moments Between Dreams,’ released via Soul Has No Tempo.

Co-produced with longtime collaborator Yianni Adams (Kyoshi), the EP showcases a maturation in Haber’s songwriting. Composed in the intimate confines of bedrooms, each track resonates with emotional depth, shaped by the quietude and personal connection to her cherished piano.

‘Moments Between Dreams’ is a testament to Ella Haber’s artistic evolution, a musical diary that invites listeners into the soft and close-knit atmosphere she has meticulously crafted.

Check out the full EP here.

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