Happy Mag’s Perfect Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day

Get in the good books this Father’s Day. Read on for a list of gift ideas that are sure to bring some joy to your special dad.

No doubt you killed it on Mother’s Day this year, so how about showing the same love to your dad? In the past, we’ve all been guilty of phoning it in with socks and jocks on Father’s Day, but here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be this way!

In fact, there’s too much choice, so we’ve gone to the trouble of curating the perfect list of goodies for your dad on this special day. If he loves a great read, a cheeky gaming session, or the perfect listening experience, you can’t lose if you follow Happy Mag’s idiot-proof guide to Father’s Day success.

Good Reads: Michael Robotham – When You Are Mine

Michael Robotham When You Are Mine

A tense, gritty thriller from the pen of best-selling author Michael Robotham, When You Are Mine traces the story of Philomena McCarthy. The daughter of a London crime kingpin, she defied expectations by joining the police force.

Her promising career is turned on its head, however, when she attends a domestic assault involving a superior officer. Webs of intrigue, reckoning with the past, and mortal danger are the hallmarks of this absolute blockbuster. Your dad will be glued to this book until the last page.


Good Reads: Quentin Tarantino – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood book

Is your old man a Tarantino fan? The acclaimed director has turned his talents toward prose. And in the finest traditions of pulp novelisations, Quentin Tarantino has transformed his hit film into something completely fresh and way too much fun.

Filled with the star filmmaker’s trademark humour, brutality, and flair for reinterpreting history, it’s a fascinating fictionalised account of a glamorous Hollywood age turned sour. As the tagline says, “Hollywood 1969… You shoulda been there!” Well, now you can give your dad a ticket.


Good games: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Controller

Gaming is a little different compared to when your dad was just a whippersnapper. Forget bulky cartridges and 8-bit consoles, gaming is a powerful and immersive experience and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is your old man’s entrée into that universe.

Working across the Xbox console, PC, and mobile, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is an affordable subscription service, stacked with over 100 games. The subscription also comes with an EA Play membership (for sports nuts) at no extra cost, online multiplayer capability, plus, dad will be able to dive right into the hottest new games on the day of their global release.


Good mags: The New Yorker, National Geographic, and Happy Mag

The New Yorker

There’s nothing like keeping up to date with the latest and greatest of culture, science, politics, and nature. Magazines seem like a dying breed these days, but there are several titles that continue to produce print journalism of an outstanding quality: namely The New Yorker, National Geographic, and our very own Happy Mag!

Approaching its one-hundredth anniversary, The New Yorker is home to the finest political analysis, culture, and satire the grand city has to offer. Even older, National Geographic has been bringing the wonders of the natural world to people all across the globe for well over a century. Happy Mag is much newer to the scene but equally fascinating. With themed issues on various artistic, musical, and cultural phenomena, it’s a must-read for the dad who’s tuned into a diversity of emerging voices.


Good listening: Sennheiser, Razer, and JBL

Sennheiser HD560 S

Even if your dad isn’t a hi-fi fanatic, he’ll soon be able to discern the better headphones from the ones that provide a less-than-pleasant listening experience. If he’s a pure audio junkie, musician, hardcore gamer, or loves getting lost in the soundtrack to his workout, read on for a list of cans that will please the most demanding of dads.

Does your old man just love getting in the details of his favourite album? The Sennheiser HD 560S is a new set of headphones from the prestigious German audio company that’s perfect for tuning in to the finer points of a mix. The open-back design offers up a flat frequency response, so dad’s ultimate tunes will sound just as fresh as they did on the day they rolled off the studio floor. And if he’s into making music himself, this pair is a no-brainer.

Razer is a brand synonymous with gaming — and if you’ve played video games in the last decade you’ll know that the soundtracks are getting better and better. The Razer Opus THX-certified headphones are just the ticket for the dad who wants to get totally immersed in the action. They’re also ready for the street, with their active noise-cancelling (ANC) technology.

JBL is a name in headphone manufacturing with an almost unmatched pedigree. Their cans are true crowdpleasers, with enough sparkling top end to bring out the details of a mix and a healthy dollop of bottom end energy. The Live 460 from JBL delivers the company’s trademark tone, with adaptive noise cancelling and the ability to bring your voice assistant of choice along for the ride.

The Reflect Mini NC is a sure bet to get that same classic JBL sound in a True Wireless configuration for your active dad. Plus, if he’s got business to attend to while he’s on the run, hands-free calls and auto-pause are on hand. And with 21 hours of battery time, he’ll never take them out.


Good drinks: Never Never Distilling Co., Diplomatico, Lark Distillery

In preparation for Father’s Day, a few drink companies around the nation have cut out their own special deals for special dads. There’s gift packs galore out there for dads who prefer nothing more than a chilled glass of the good stuff on their big day.

Fresh from South Australia’s iconic McLaren Vale, Never Never Distilling Co. have a range of gift packs on offer, but our advice is to pick up the Discovery Pack. Stacked with three of the distiller’s award-winning gins in bite-sized bottles, it’s perfect for the gin connoisseur looking for a new drop.

For the whisky dads, Tasmanian makers Lark Distillery have packaged up one of their most popular limited releases in a special Father’s Day gift pack – the Sherry Sherry single malt.

And finally, if rum is the ticket, the Happy office will heartily recommend Diplomatico Rum Reserva to any of our readers. A complex sipping rum, you can enjoy it this Father’s Day in a gift pack that includes two exclusive Diplomatico tumblers.


Good for you: Bulldog Skincare, Minor Figures

These days, a little self-care goes a long way. Maybe your dad wants something that’ll simply make him feel good this year – whether it’s a spot of skincare, some drinks that aren’t booze, or anything else that’s good for the soul.

Bulldog is a no-nonsense skincare brand aimed at men that’s had a spectacular launch in Australia. They make vegan and vegetarian friendly products that are certified Cruelty Free and created with a minimal carbon footprint. Plus they’ll make your dad’s beard and face feel darn pretty.

Minor Figures are another brand who’ve killed it lately. Making coffee and a range of coffee-adjacent products that are plant-based and 100% vegan friendly, you’ll find everything for a coffee-loving dad on their online store, from seasonal blends, to barista standard milk, and some sweet looking merch.