FELIVAND Performs ‘Miss My Baby’ Live From Happy


In our Live From Happy series, we caught up with FELIVAND, the talented vocalist, producer, and songwriter hailing from Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia.

Accompanied by a full band in our very own Noise Machine Studio, FELIVAND shared an intimate session with her latest creation, ‘Miss My Baby.’

The Live from Happy session was made possible by the invaluable support of Mode, whose evocative seltzers skilfully capture the essence of nostalgic moments, transporting you to cherished memories with every sip.


In the ever-evolving landscape of indie music, one artist stands out with her distinctive blend of  bedroom-pop allure.

Meet FELIVAND, a rising star who crafts a vulnerable and textured branch of down-tempo alternative indie pop, infused with the soulful essence of contemporary R&B.

Joining us in Noise Machines FELIVAND shares her latest creation, ‘Miss My Baby.’ Fearlessly delving into the depths of human emotions, FELIVAND crafts a soul-stirring experience for her listeners.

Check out the performance below:

The song bears the weight of grief, born out of a tough breakup, and finds solace in its somber yet hypnotic melodies.

Drawing inspiration from contemporary R&B, and a willingness to be vulnerable, FELIVAND brings an exciting and authentic touch to the indie music scene.

Brace yourself for a musical journey that transcends the ordinary as ‘Miss My Baby’ leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of its listeners.

To find out more about FELIVAND head over to their Instagram.

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