Georgia Mooney Performs ‘Nothing Is Forever’ Live From Happy






Georgia Mooney swung by for a Live From Happy session at our very own Noise Machines studio.

The talented Eora/Sydney-based musician, songwriter, singer, and presenter blessed us with a stunning rendition of ‘Nothing Is Forever’ 

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georgia mooney live from happy

Georgia Mooney recently graced the Happy offices with a stunning rendition of her latest track, ‘Nothing Is Forever,’ during a Live From Happy session at our Noise Machines studio.

The Eora/Sydney-based musician, known for her work with All Our Exes Live In Texas, showcased her talent as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

Armed with a Dulcimer, Mooney delivered a compelling performance of ‘Nothing Is Forever,’ a track lifted from her debut solo album, ‘Full of Moon.’

In this song, Mooney takes on the patriarchy and explores the theme of seemingly good guys who turn out to be wolves in sheep’s clothing. It’s a reflection on the deceptive nature of individuals who appear virtuous but harbor hidden agendas.

‘Full of Moon,’ Mooney’s ARIA-winning solo debut, is a meticulously crafted album co-produced by Mooney herself and Grammy Award-winning Noah Georgeson.

The collaboration spanned three continents and featured contributions from accomplished musicians like Rob Moose, Sam Dixon, Marcus Hamblett, Ben Edgar, and jazz drummer Evan Mannell.

Mooney describes the album-making process as receiving “musical postcards from around the world,” capturing the essence of a project that transcends geographical boundaries.

Her visit to Happy and the live performance of ‘Nothing Is Forever’ provided a raw and authentic glimpse into Mooney’s musical journey, marked by thoughtful lyrics and a rich, cross-genre sound.

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