Great Gable Performs ‘All My Friends’ Live at Enmore


Great Gable is a young band on the rise. Forged from childhood friendships, the group has been touring and recording almost non-stop for the past few years. In their Live at Enmore session, they brought along their absolute banger, All My Friends

The single comes off their debut album, Tracing Faces. For its recording, the Perth quartet decamped to Byron Bay’s The Music Farm and enlisted the production guidance of Alex Henriksson and Matt Corby.

Live performance, however, is this Great Gable’s bread and butter. And in this rendition of All My Friends, they did not disappoint. 

All My Friends was Mixed and Recorded by Daniel Shaw, Radi Safi and Owen Penglis

Great Gable

Kicking off with a drum groove from Callum Guy, the ambient layers develop with Matt Preen guitar arpeggios, Christopher Bye’s rock-solid bass lines and Alex Whiteman unmistakable vocal tone.

“I suppose it’s about a big old breakup,” said Whiteman about All My Friends. “It’s a happy song, but it’s sad at the same time.”

Check out the video below:

To find out more about Great Gable, visit the band’s website.

The Live at Enmore series is made possible with the help of our tech partner Audio-Technica. Here’s a list of the microphones that were used to capture this incredible performance:

Live at Enmore Gear List

For dynamic vocal performances, you need a great dynamic mic. Enter the AE4100.



The AT4081 is a high-quality ribbon mic that is a perfect stereo pair for drum overheads.

AT 4081


The BP40 is one of the most versatile dynamics in Audio-Technica’s arsenal. This time, it found on the snare. 



This little gem of a hypercardioid dynamic is perfect for getting into any tight space in the studio. This time, it could be found on the guitar cabinets.

Audio-Technica AE-2300


The ATM230 is a small and easily positionable dynamic that’s perfect for getting up close to the rack and floor toms.

Audio-Technica ATM230


The ATM250 is a hypercardioid dynamic that can take a lot of punishment. It looks like a grenade and it’s just as tough — perfect for capturing the inside of a kick drum.

Audio-Technica ATM250