Grids & Dots Perform ‘Suzy Says’ Live at Enmore


Sydney’s Grids & Dots was the latest band to hit the Live at Enmore studios. Combining elements of shoegaze, indie and dream pop, the sound of Grids & Dots washes over you in waves. Suzy Says is a perfect example. 

Comprised of vocalists and guitarists Carmen Minikus and Daniel Handuru, with Pat Hisshion behind the kit, the band is a blend of diverse musical influences, all of which combine to make Grids & Dots’ reverberant, melodic and contemplative aesthetic. 

In their Live at Enmore session, ambience was the flavour of the day. Spacious and woozy guitars, snare soaked in reverb and crystalline vocals from Handuru and Minikus. 

Suzy Says was Mixed and Recorded by Owen Penglis and Radi Safi

grids and dots live at enmore

The twin guitars formed a diverse tonal pallet for the track, with Minikus’ sparse lead lines and tremolo-affected chords set against the grittier sounds of Handuru. A similar atmosphere was replicated in the vocals of the two singers, which was supported by the grandiose and epic drums of Hisshion. 

Here’s what Daniel Handuru had to say about Suzy Says:

“Suzy Says is about an old friend who lives up in the Blue Mountains. It’s kind of a slower pace song for us.

Check out the performance below:

Suzy Says appears on Grids & Dots’ upcoming EP, What Happens to Friendships. Visit their Facebook page for more details.