GRXCE Performs ‘Everything I Wanted’ Live From Happy

In the latest episode of our “Live From Happy” series, we had the privilege of hosting Eora’s GRXCE, a four-piece outfit that’s generating considerable buzz in the indie rock scene.

Taking the spotlight at our Noise Machine Studio, they treated us to a sublime rendition of their latest single, ‘Everything I Ever Wanted.’

This session was made possible by the generous support of Zeus Street Greek. Over the next few months Zeus Street Greek are collaborating with Happy Mag to feed independent music!

grxce live from happy

In a seriously impressive whirlwind of less than half a year since dropping their first track, GRXCE has totally established themselves as the purveyors of “sad beats for your dancing feet.”

With Jamila Grace leading the way with her vocals and rhythm guitar, backed up by Jonathan Amirzaian on lead guitar, Emily Elvish holding down the bass, and Alex Berger keeping the rhythm on drums, their musical connection is crystal clear, breathing life into their sound.

Their sonic style weaves together dreamy shoegaze and indie pop vibes with lyrics that dive deep into themes like personal growth, transformation, and the journey to find oneself.

Drawing stylistic parallels to contemporary heavyweights like Tommy Lefroy, The Buoys, and Holly Humberstone, GRXCE is undoubtedly carving out their own unique path.

In the wise words of Plato, “Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

As we soaked in GRXCE’s killer performance during our recording session, it was clear that this band is all-in on their artistic adventure. The road ahead is looking super exciting, and GRXCE is diving into it with pure enthusiasm.

For those keen on discovering the next sonic gem before it’s a phenomenon, GRXCE is a name worth earmarking. Their potential is undeniable, and their presence is growing – an opportunity to be part of their musical voyage from the ground up.

A special note to mention the post-session camaraderie and nourishment, as we teamed up with Zeus Street Greek to provide the band with a well-deserved post-performance feast.

Just like GRXCE’s commitment to their musical narrative, Zeus Street Greek’s dedication to crafting a modern Greek culinary journey resonates with both the palate and the soul.

To find out more about GRXCE head over to their Instagram.

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