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Festivals, mosh pits, & dancefloors – these are the hallowed grounds where shoes go to die – so, what are the perfect shoes to dance the night away?

They need to be sturdy enough to handle questionable hygiene, grimy floors and the occasional rogue step on, but stylish enough to carry you from sunset to sunrise.

Think leather, canvas, or a good quality synthetic. Comfort is king. You’ll potentially be on your feet for a while – bathroom and drinks queues non withstanding, so make sure your shoes are comfortable enough to dance in for hours. 

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Whether you’re a die-hard punk rocker or a glitter-loving disco queen, there’s a pair of shoes out there that will take you from the mosh pit to the main stage in style.

LØCI and Nicki Minaj –

LØCI and Nicki Minaj have dreamed up the perfect line of vegan, unisex sneakers that combine style with sustainability. These exclusive kicks, now available on LØCI’s Australian website, feature five distinct styles and eleven vibrant colourways, all crafted from LØCI’s innovative bio-leather—a fusion of non-food grade corn and recycled textiles. They are a total mood that encapsulate Minaj’s dedication to both fashion and environmental consciousness.

In Minaj’s own words “Sneakers have been pivotal in defining my style and allowing me to express myself boldly.  This collection reflects my upbringing—never giving up. It’s more than fashion; it’s a lifestyle. Every pair I release is one I proudly wear myself. It’s always ‘Nicki Approved.'”

This collaboration not only showcases Minaj’s influence in fashion but also underscores her commitment to authenticity and forward-thinking design, making these sneakers a must-have for fans of style and sustainability alike. And trust us when we say, you are gonna want a pair in every colour.

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Dr. Martens – 1460 NAPPA

Docs, have garnered a devoted following for reasons beyond being robust boots. They stand as a cultural icon, a fashion statement, and a reliable companion for life’s adventures. Crafted from high-quality leathers and sturdy canvas, their iconic air-cushioned sole ensures durability, bouncing back and absorbing impact whether in mosh pits or muddy fields.

The comfort these shoes offer is not just a promise; the air-cushioned sole provides surprisingly comfortable support, molding to feet over time for a personalized fit that eradicates blisters and arch discomfort.

Surprisingly versatile, they transition effortlessly from city streets to music festivals, offering adaptability to different seasons and terrains. Timeless in style, Docs have weathered generations of subcultures, becoming a relevant style icon today. For many, owning a pair of Docs transcends footwear—it signifies self-expression, belonging, and personal growth.


doc martins

1460 NAPPA


Spring Court – Organic Canvas

Spring Courts, revered by a multitude of subcultures, have etched their cool factor in 20th-century style narratives. In the ’50s, French youth and jazz icons coveted them, while the swinging ’60s witnessed mods and skinheads in the UK adopting the trend. New Wave maestros like The Cure and Joy Division later propelled Spring Courts into iconic territory, solidifying their allure.

The footwear’s iconic status is amplified by celebrity endorsements, with the likes of Kurt Cobain, Steve McQueen, Jane Birkin, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono – who actually sported a pair of these particualr shoes on their wedding day. Spring Court effortlessly traverse style boundaries, seamlessly complementing casual streetwear and elevating dressier ensembles with their lightweight, breathable design, ensuring day-to-night comfort.

Renowned for durability, Spring Courts boast a vulcanized rubber sole and robust canvas upper, delivering both longevity and style. Their affordability enhances accessibility, making them a very chic and enduring choice for style-conscious individuals everywhere.

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Crocs – Keith Haring

How do these humble clogs, often mocked for their unconventional design, achieve such legendary ease on your feet? The answer lies in their Croslite material, a proprietary closed-cell resin that’s lightweight, incredibly soft, and moulds to your unique foot shape. It’s like walking on clouds… with ventilation holes!

And Crocs aren’t just about lounging around anymore. Their range now expands across various aspects of your life, offering comfort, sport, and even a touch of inspiration. They’ve embraced comfort with plush slippers and cozy loungewear,  plus a stack of noteworthy inspiration and collbs in the form of Hello Kitty, and artist Jean-Michel Basquiat – just to name two.

 And let’s not forget the classic clog, now available in a plethora of colours and Jibbitz personalisation options, ready to take you from the backyard dance party to the city clubs.

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Hunter – Refined Tall Wellington Boots

Kate Moss pretty much changed festival footwear forever back in 2005 Glastonbury, and although Lady Di, donned a pair in the 80’s , it was the former who really brought the gumboots into mainstream culture. For over 150 years, Hunter boots have weathered the toughest storms, conquering Britain’s unpredictable landscapes. Now, they conquer festival grounds with equal aplomb, their iconic silhouette becoming synonymous with fun and fearless style.

Crafted with a waterproof rubber outer, Hunter boots laugh in the face of downpours, keeping your feet snug and dry while others battle soggy socks. And don’t be fooled by the sturdy exterior. A soft cotton lining cradles your feet, transforming these boots from functional armour to surprisingly comfortable companions for all-day exploration.


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