Harrison Storm Performs ‘Sea and Fire’ Live at Enmore


Harrison Storm has a sound that embodies his Mornington Penninsula home: cinematic in scope, but simultaneously raw and intimate. 

Sea and Fire doubles down on his elemental themes and it was this song that he brought to the Live at Enmore studios. 

While the original recorded version is richly layered with harmonies and percussion, Storm’s solo reimagining wasn’t lacking in power. The rolling arpeggios and thumping stomps laid the foundations for Storm’s multitude of vocal character to shine through. 

Sea and Fire was Mixed and Recorded by Dan Shaw, Radi Safi, and Owen Penglis

Perfectly attuned to the studio, Harrison Storm’s rendition of Sea and Fire was effortless. From angelic falsettos to pure, celebratory choruses, the voice of Storm is an instrument to behold.

Here’s how Harrison Storm described Sea and Fire:

[It’s] about the kind of turmoil of post-breakup and wondering if you’ve made the right decision or not”. 

Check out the performance below:

Head over to the Harrison Storm website for more details.

The Live at Enmore series is made possible with the help of our tech partner Audio-Technica. Here’s a list of the microphones that were used to capture this incredible performance:

Live at Enmore Gear List

With a smooth and controlled vocal from Harrison Storm, we were keen to use a condenser mic that would capture the sensitivity of the performance. The versatile AT4050 met the challenge.



Capturing the depth of the acoustic guitar tone was crucial for this session, so we went for the AT4053b — a classy hypercardioid small-diaphragm condenser.

at 4053b