Ausecuma Beats and Z*F*E*X unveil ‘Tropical Storm’ and creative motivations

Ausecuma Beats & Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange release the next single from their collaborative project, Tropical Storm, and discuss music on the horizon: “The future is now.”

Melbourne-based nine-piece, Ausecuma Beats, hailing from Senegal, Cuba and Mali have teamed up with Aussie collective, Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange (aka Z*F*E*X) on a collaborative EP, Deep Heat/Tropical Storm, out now via Music In Exile.

Their latest offering from the four-track collection, Tropical Storm showcases the beautiful vocals of Latin America via Berlin star, Gotopo, who ushers in the exciting dance vibes which are coupled with an infectious rhythm that will have you dancing through the rest of your week! Let the percussive sounds transport and mesmerise you as they navigate across different tempos and dynamics, which are supported by blooming electronic synths.

Created by the respective groups during lockdown, Ausecuma Beats frontman, Boubacar Gaye says, “It’s beautiful to see how we are capable of working from a long distance – this is the first time for Ausecuma Beats to work with someone overseas. This shows a lot – when we come together, how powerful we are, and how we can bring our knowledge together.”

In celebration of the new project, Happy sat down with Boubacar Gaye, who gave us the lowdown on what happened behind the scenes during the collaborative process with  Z*F*E*X, and how he drew inspiration from the world around him to inject new colours and flavours into their music.

HAPPY: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! How’s your day been so far?

BOUBACAR: I woke up this morning in Senegal. It’s a Friday, I know this will be a heavy day. In our culture, Friday is a special day. I had a French baguette like we do in our culture, I had a tea, and now I’m heading to the city.

HAPPY: Where are you based right now? What’s your favourite part of the city you live in?

BOUBACAR: I don’t have no city. I’m not based nowhere.

HAPPY: Congratulations on the launch of your collaborative EP, Deep Heat/Tropical Storm. What’s the main theme you want to express through the tracks?

BOUBACAR: Ziggy came up with the names. I had an idea to create music that is different to what I was hearing on the radio. For me to do that, I had to record the percussion and call my mate, Ziggy. Recording this took me back to the memory of music I used to play. It was beautiful to collaborate with Cuban percussionist, Rodolfo Panga (also of Ausecuma Beats), and create this new flavour. It’s amazing how music can go to a western style, to put new colour, and I think that’s fantastic, that’s beautiful. That’s why these tracks sound so organic and original. Two countries coming together to make music.

HAPPY: I read that the track, Tropical Storm was composed during lockdown. You talked about this sense of feeling very locked, and how it pushed you guys to create more music.

BOUBACAR: Yeah – the lockdown is the first time in my life where I can’t go anywhere. But it was an opportunity in that moment to be creative. I didn’t realise how I can be very focused on music for so many months. Just eating, playing music, sleeping, without knowing what day it is. That’s what the lockdown did to me.

HAPPY: Where did you draw your inspiration and motivation from to achieve that during those difficult and unprecedented times?

BOUBACAR: I’m always motivated to play music. I use the internet to connect with people in other countries from home – zoom etc. I would create Facebook groups to link up with musicians around the world to sure things with me. I was asking for help, asking people around the world to join my page and contribute ideas, to inspire me and give me the strength to not give up. It was beautiful to realise how many beautiful musicians there are around this world.

HAPPY: Are there any future collaborations in the works?

BOUBACAR: The future is now. I have just flown to Senegal and we are working on music here. I want to fly around the world to meet all the people who were giving me energy during the lockdown, who helped me. I want to see for myself things they were showing me, their music, their art. I want to have a coffee and a laugh, to remember how we helped each other. And to play music together around the world!

Have a listen to Tropical Storm via Spotify today and enjoy the vibes!

Interviewed by Amy Davidson

Photos supplied.