The Buckleys chat about their EP doco, premiering tomorrow!

The Buckleys

Tomorrow the Byron Bay Film Festival will premiere The Buckley’s mini doco, “Take it as it comes” which focuses on the process of their EP.

With their most recent EP Take it as it comes, released earlier this month, the mini documentary will shine a light on their process as a band and how the EP came to be. Produced by Petrol Records & Universal Music Groups’ Oscar winning producer, Christopher Jenkins and directed by Grant James, the doco will debut at the Byron Bay Film festival, Saturday, 29 October. The film will be the opening to a Patou – the story of one of Australia’s most accomplished musical talents, Pat Powell and a film that Aussies have been waiting for. 

The documentary, presents footage and behind the scenes of the bands process of creating their latest EP Take it as it comes, recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. It focuses attention on the bands development since 2019 and is a glimpse into the tight-knit family bond the three members have as siblings and as musicians, songwriters, and creators. The doco also explores their strong connection to their Northern Rivers community and brings attention to the awful floods that hit the region earlier this year. 

Come along for the ride and read the chat we had with the band, peering into The Buckleys world a little more and how it intertwined into the creation of their latest EP.  The band shares their studio shenanigans, undeniable chemistry and synergy as a band and during the recording process. The band shares insight into their inspirations such as their deep connection to their Northern Rivers community, Eric Burden’s biography and a mother-daughter matching tattoo.

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HAPPY: What are you guys looking forward to this week?

SARAH: We are SO excited for the global premiere of our new documentary Take It As It Comes at the Byron Bay Film Festival!

HAPPY: Tell us about your favourite moments recording Take It As It Comes in Nashville.

MOLLY: Take It As It Comes was such fun project, from the songwriting to the release we’ve enjoyed every single bit. I loved just watching everyone just go for it with this song in the studio, it’s fun to play and has grit, so it was really brought to life when everyone got in that recording room and went all gas no breaks haha!

HAPPY: Describe your writing and recording process, how does the band work together to record?

SARAH: The process for recording this EP was actually different to our first record Daydream. We lived in Nashville for 2 months in the lead up to recording, without necessarily having a plan to record anything. We wrote every day, sometimes just the three of us and sometimes with other people. Halfway through the trip we started to feel as though we were getting some pretty solid songs we loved and decided we’d go into the studio to record what was first 3 songs and then ended up becoming a 5 track EP. We wrote up until the very last day, in fact the title track Take It As It Comes we wrote 2 days before the studio and had all the songs picked! In the room we’re lucky to be able to work with some of the best musicians in Nashville, it’s a really incredible thing to see the songs come to life in the sessions and we tracked all the songs in 1 day.

HAPPY: Tell us more about your deep connection to your Northern Rivers community.

SARAH: When we were over in Nashville at the beginning of this year, the Northern Rivers went through some of the most devastating, record-breaking floods. Everyone in our hometown was affected by it, and some friends and family lost everything. We were in Nashville, so it was tough being so far away and unable to help physically, but what we did see via social media and hear about from our friends and family, was how the community came together in a really incredible way to help strangers out and help rebuild the community. Everyone was in it together and put aside differences etc. to just help one another out. We were really inspired by this and proud to be from the Northern Rivers community. That was the inspiration for Take It As It Comes.

HAPPY: What did you read last that opened your eyes and mind to a new perspective?

LACHLAN: The last thing I read that opened my eyes and mind to a new perspective would have to be the “Eric Burden” biography, the story tells of the journeys and experiences he’s had all over the world with artists like “Jimi Hendrix” and “Janis Joplin” are truly one a kind and extremely interesting.

The Buckleyss
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HAPPY: What’s something someone has said about your music that you hold close to you?

SARAH: A mother and daughter we met in the Gold Coast had ‘Breathe’ tattooed on their arms, inspired by our song. They said it helped them through a lot together, and a quite a few people have mentioned to us that song in particular really helping them through something. That’s really special to know something you’ve created can resonate and relate to complete strangers and their stories in so many different ways, with just the power of music.

HAPPY: Tell us what artists and songs inspired Take it as it Comes.

SARAH: This EP shows a bunch of different sides of us, I couldn’t say it is directly inspired by any artists or songs in particular but certain songs definitely have particular flavours! We were listening to a lot of The Cardigan’s at the time, so I feel like some songs have a bit of that 90s pop element/80s infused element but then in Love Me Wrong we really embraced our country roots and people like Patsy Clunes who we grew up listening to.

HAPPY: What was it like working with director Grant James, who’s worked with many incredible

SARAH: Grant is incredible! We absolutely love his work and his vision – he really hit the nail on the head in terms of creating the visual landscape for the EP in a really artistic way and also capturing us and what we represent in a really authentic way. He has worked with so many incredible artists who we love so it was definitely very cool to have him direct our own documentary!

HAPPY: Thanks so much for your time!

SARAH: Thank you for yours! This has been a really great interview.

After the screening tomorrow, The Buckleys will be involved in a Q&A session with the Director, Grant James. Grant James has directed a mountain pile of films and documentaries in the last decade and half working with incredible artists such as Madonna (I Am Because We Are), Father John Misty, Pearl Jam, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic featuring Gustavo Dudamel.

Opening up his take on the doco, James shares that “‘Take It as It Comes’ is a story of a personal and artistic growth”. He embraces the experience as a memorable and exciting endeavor. “Being able to capture The Buckleys during the recording of this EP is just a snapshot of the bands musical journey and I am excited for this short film to debut on their home Turf”. 

Catch The Buckleys and Grant James at the Byron Bay Film Festival on Saturday 29 October 2022. Get your tickets HERE!!!

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Interviewed by Olivia Adams.

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