J-MILLA Performs ‘On My Soul’ and ‘Gammon’ Live From Happy






J-MILLA swung by for a “Live From Happy” session at our very own Noise Machines studio.

The gifted Rapper and R&B artist blessed us with a live performance featuring his latest tracks, “On My Soul” and “Gammon.”

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j milla live from happy

J-MILLA dropped by for an exclusive “Live From Happy” session from our very own Noise Machines studio.

The Aussie hip-hop and R&B sensation blessed us with a live performance featuring his freshest tracks, ‘On My Soul’ and ‘Gammon.’

Hailing from Adelaide with roots in Darwin, J-MILLA brought his A-game, delivering a raw and emotionally charged rendition of his chart-topping hit ‘On My Soul.’

This exclusive session provided an intimate look into the evolution of J-MILLA’s values and journey, marking a significant step forward in his artistic expression.

“‘On My Soul’ gives you a glimpse into my life journey, from where I started to where I am now, and how my values have shifted over time,” shared J-MILLA. The track emphasises the importance of authenticity and integrity, shedding light on the impact of every action on one’s soul.

A standout talent, J-MILLA radiates positive vibes in a succinct and meaningful manner, which if you have caught him live, you’ll know its an intent that is echoed throughout his live performance.

Accompanying the set was ‘Gammon,’ a captivating fusion of hip-hop and R&B that defines his signature style.

The Live From Happy session is more than just a display of J-MILLA’s lyrical genius; it’s a showcase of the emotional depth embedded in his music that he is becoming known for, that makes him such a force to be reckoned with. 

In the Aussie music scene, J-MILLA stands out as a formidable artist, captivating audiences with his charisma, talent, and a genuine connection to his craft that continues to leave a lasting impact with each performance.

To find out more about J-MILLA head over to his Instagram.

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