justina. Performs


Live from Happy



justina. swung by Noise Machines studio for an exclusive Live from Happy session to perform her new single ‘Affections’

Massive shout out to Pig Hog Cables for making this session possible


justina. previews her upcoming EP ‘Hunger’ with a Live from Happy performance of her latest single ‘Affections’ 

Musicians have long used romantic love as a muse, but for Sydney/Gadigal singer-songwriter justina., the love within friendships is an equally powerful force.

On her latest single ‘Affections’, the neo-soul artist digs deep into the platonic loves of her past, as guided by the sensibilities of her inspirations like Kali Uchis and Anderson .Paak

“It’s mostly about friendships,” justina. tells us after our latest Live from Happy session, “particularly it’s about a pretty profound loss of friendship.”

Navigating this terrain with soulful vocals and groovy, jazz-inspired production, ‘Affections’ masterfully sets the stage for justina.’s upcoming debut EP, ‘Hunger’. 

“The whole concept of those songs is about craving something that’s not there,” justina. says.

It’s a sentiment that rings true after the singer’s performance, since listeners will likewise be craving the remaining ‘Hunger’ tracklist, which is thankfully set for release later this year. 

The project will mark the arrival of an artist whose distinct sound has been years in the making, with justina. releasing her debut single ‘Closer’ — a collaboration with Trace The Prophet — in 2020.

Elsewhere, she tapped SEVENTH ARROW for the collaborative single ‘NO ANTICS’, and shared the glittering track ‘State of Mind’ last year. 

Find out more about justina. via her Instagram.

A huge thank you to Pig Hog Cables who supported this session. To find out more about Pig Hog Cables, check out their Instagram or head over to their website Pig Hog Cables.