Keli Holiday Performs ‘off my mind’ Live at Enmore


As one half of Peking Duk, Adam Hyde has brought euphoric energy to the stage and studio for a decade. But in his new project, Keli Holiday, he’s exploring heartbreak in his lyricism — an intense, synth-soaked fantasy come to life.

Based in L.A. these days, he was recently in Australia and found time to hit the Live at Enmore studios. He brought with him a fresh single, the melancholy off my mind.

And while the original version of off my mind is dripping with ’80s synthpop swagger, Hyde radically reimagined the track’s arrangement for his Live at Enmore performance.

off my mind was Mixed and Recorded by Owen Penglis and Daniel Shaw

Keli Holiday

Along with his acoustic guitar, he brought a crack team of players with him. On drums was Paris Jeffree — a genius behind the kit who has toured with everyone from Tyne-James Organ to The Avalanches. On guitar was Timi Temple — himself a Live at Enmore alumnus and axe extraordinaire.

Here’s what Adam Hyde had to say about off my mind before hitting record:

“The song’s all about when you think you’re all good, when you’ve got someone off your mind, you think it’s all said and done and you’ve moved on. But have you really?”

Check out the performance below:

For more info, follow Keli Holiday on Instagram. off my mind is out now, but stay tuned for his debut album Keli, which drops on April 8.