KESMAR Performs ‘Is It Me or Is It Love’ Live From Happy

Songwriter and Producer KESMAR swung by our studio, Noise Machines, for a stripped performance of his single ‘Is It Me or Is It Love’ for our Live From Happy series. And he used a brand new Fender Player Series Stratocaster (in yummy Buttercream).

Released in Feb this year, “Is It Me or Is It Love” comes from KESMAR’s debut EP, ‘Always Chasing Rainbows’ released in May.

Fender and Lauten Audio’s support made this Live from Happy session possible, using the new Fender Player Series Stratocaster, and microphones like the LS-208 noise rejecting large diaphragm condenser.

Coming through with a very talented band of musicians, KESMAR, gave us a brilliant performance of his single “Is It Me or Is It Love” that had us bopping along and feeling special that we are hear to witness it.

KESMAR’s debut album is self produced, recorded, mixed and performed by him at his home studio — Dino Studio, and it’s such a stunning collection of songs that sounds both nostalgic and modern.

Here’s what KESMAR had to say about “Is It Me or Is It Love” before taking the stage:

“Hey my name is Nathan and I write and record music under KESMAR. This song is from my debut record. It’s a song that I’ve had for a long time, and I only had the verse and no chorus.

It’s usually quite rare for me to continue a song when I don’t complete it all at one point, so I just sat there in a new house that we moved into and just figured it out.

I played all the instruments in my home studio, very D.I.Y. Hope you enjoy it and enjoy our live recording here with my good buddies, Dave, Kelton and Tim.”

Check out the performance below:

To find out more about KESMAR head over to his Instagram.

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