Lady Lyon Performs 'All Night Temple' Live From Happy

Lady Lyon Performs ‘All Night Temple’ Live From Happy


Lady Lyon makes cowgirl blues at it’s finest. With a rolling blues guitar line that you can head nod along to, a commanding lead vocal, a big rhythm section and well-orchestrated backing vocals, all worlds meet on their recently released single All Night Temple.

For their Live from Happy session, Lady Lyon came in as a trio to perform a version of All Night Temple that still had us dancing in our seats, and in awe of the three part harmonies from Hayley, Helen and Ross.

Though the band stripped it back for this session, the energy of the single All Night Temple was not lost with Hayley on bluesy electric guitar and lead vocals, Ross on dreamy lead guitar lines and backing vocals, and Helen moving from bass duties to a vintage Fender Rhodes keyboard.

All Night Temple was Mixed and Recorded by Tim McArtney, Owen Penglis and Radi Safi. 

Bringing big energy to the Happy studio, Hayley, Helen and Ross gave us an uber cool rendition that left us wanting to hear more.

Here’s what Hayley had to say about All Night Temple:

“I wrote this song about six years ago, and it’s about the hours between dusk and dawn where you sort of go around and around in your head, and you think about your most dangerous ideas and your best-led plans. I hope you enjoy, Yee Haa!”

Check out the performance below:

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