LAHGO Performs ‘Alibi’ Live From Happy

In our recent “Live From Happy” session, we had the pleasure of hosting LAHGO, a four-piece group with roots in Eora, whose music has been making waves in the scene.

Set against the backdrop of our very own Noise Machine Studio, they treated us to an early taste of ‘Alibi’  slated for release October 13.

This session was made possible by the generous support of Zeus Street Greek. Over the next few months Zeus Street Greek are collaborating with Happy Mag to feed independent music!


LAHGO dropped by Happy to share an early rendition of their forthcoming track ‘Alibi.’

‘Alibi’ delves into a moment in a relationship where one person’s self-focus causes an imbalance in affection.

LAHGO lays it all out, showing how excuses and self-centeredness can strain connections. The song perfectly blends calm and intense moments, mirroring the ebb and flow of relationships.

Formed during the La Niña summer of ’20/’21, LAHGO introduced their unique fusion of rock, soul, and psychedelic sounds to the Sydney music scene. 

The band quickly gained a devoted fan base with their spirited live shows, even selling out gigs at iconic venues like the Lansdowne and the Oxford Art Factory. 

The current lineup, features the soulful vocals of Mel Bailey, guitarist Pablo Smooth, bassist and backing vocalist Rob Easy, and beat master Danny Rixxx.

With two EPs under their belt and a third in the works, listen to LAHGO above, and stay connected via the bands Instagram.

A special note to mention the post-session camaraderie and nourishment, as we teamed up with Zeus Street Greek to provide the band with a well-deserved post-performance feast.

The seamless connection between creativity, art and the flavour bomb that is Zeus Street Greek, not only gratified the taste buds but also left a genuine and enduring impression, sparking new ideas and leaving everyone with a sense of gratitude.

To find out more about our sponsors please head to their website’s Zeus Street Greek and Mode.