Lenka performs ‘Winter Sun’ Live From Happy


Indie pop singer-songwriter Lenka recently visited the Live from Happy studio with her single Winter Sun. Released in March 2022, It’s the last of a string of singles before she gets to work on her next album.

Winter Sun is a peaceful ditty written with a ukulele sitting in the sunshine in the middle of winter. Written in the depths of the pandemic it’s a personal story about a close friend going through a tragedy who needed the warmth that can come from a friendship when the world felt so isolated.

Winter Sun was Mixed and Recorded by Tim McArtney, Owen Penglis and Radi Safi. 

This Live from Happy session was made possible by the generous support of ATEN who provide innovative solutions for making better connections. In this session Happy utilised the indispensable ATEN UH3237 USB-C Docking Station.

lenka singer

Lenka came in with her producer Dave Jenkins Jnr on beats and Fender Bass IV, while she strummed away on her ukulele for a special version of Winter Sun.

Even as a duo, Lenka and Dave gave us an exceptional performance, that left us wanting more.

Here’s what Lenka had to say about Winter Sun before taking to the stage:

“I wrote Winter Sun during pandemic phase one and it’s about friendship and being there for one another. It was Winter when I wrote it and it was a sunny day, surprise, surprise.

Today I’m playing the song with Dave Jenkins Jnr, who’s accompanying me — and also produced the song — so if you like his stuff, you will enjoy this tune!”

Check out the performance below:

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