Loretta Performs ‘All My Friends’ Live From Happy

In the latest episode of our “Live From Happy” series, we were treated to a special performance by the talented trio, Loretta, at our very own Noise Machine Studios.

They showcased a stripped-down rendition of their latest single, ‘All My Friends’, delivering a pure dose of indie rock, stripped of any frills – albeit it with some sweet semi-modular synth.

This session was made possible by the generous support of Zeus Street Greek. Over the next few months Zeus Street Greek are collaborating with Happy Mag to feed independent music!


Loretta, an alternative-pop trio hailing from Eora/Sydney, skillfully fuse elements of pop, rock, and alternative in their music, creating a distinct and compelling sound.

Their melodies are undeniably catchy, and the guitars pack a powerful punch, delivering a stadium-sized presence. This combination makes for an experience that’s both engaging and memorable.

Formed in late 2018, Loretta is comprised of Ellis Hall, Max Jacobs, and Nico Scali, three Sydney-based musicians who know how to put on a show. Their live performances are high-energy and charged with a palpable passion that truly connects with their audiences.

With ‘All My Friends’, which dropped on September 15th, Loretta delves into the complexities of post-relationship dynamics, a theme many can relate to. Their music strikes a genuine chord, capturing the essence of human experience in a straightforward way.

Their raw, unfiltered approach sets them apart in the indie rock scene. Keep an eye out for Loretta; they’re on their way to making a lasting impact.

And let’s not forget to mention the post-session camaraderie and nourishment. We teamed up with Zeus Street Greek to provide the band with a well-deserved post-performance feast.

Just like Loretta’s dedication to their music, Zeus Street Greek’s commitment to crafting a modern Greek culinary journey resonates with both the palate and the soul.

It was the perfect way to wrap up an evening that celebrated both artistry and good food in a relaxed atmosphere.

To find out more about Loretta head over to their Instagram.

To find out more about our sponsors please head to their website’s Zeus Street Greek and Mode.