Mac The Knife Performs

‘Labour In Vain’


brixton live from happy mac the knife


almighty live from happy mac the knife band

Mac The Knife swung by Noise Machines for an exclusive Live from Happy session, to perform ‘Labour In Vain’.

Massive shout out to Brixton, for making the creators of the world look good, and Almighty for keeping em hydrated.


mac the knife live from happy noise machines

Fresh off their East Coast run, Mac The Knife swung into Noise Machine’s for a blistering Live From Happy session.

They ripped through “Labour in Vain,” the closing track of their debut EP, “In The Shadow Of It All.”

Mac The Knife doesn’t mince words. Their song “Labour in Vain” is a powerful statement against letting fear of judgment control your life. It’s a perfect example of their sound – a potent mix of post-punk, rock, and a touch of shoegaze, delivered with raw energy and emotional depth.

Their debut EP is a testament to this. Expect heavy guitar riffs, brooding vocals, and lyrics that tackle real issues head-on.

And for fans of “Heartbreak High,” the frontman might look familiar – it’s none other than Bryn Chapman Parish, who recently starred as Spider in the reboot!

Despite being a young band, Mac The Knife are already making waves. They recently supported Press Club on a national tour and have clocked over 200 shows in just a few short years.

Keep an eye on Mac The Knife – they’re carving their own jagged path through the Australian music scene.

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