Mikk Performs ‘Spooky’ Live From Happy


Indie pop artist and producer Mikk swung by our studio Noise Machines for a Live from Happy performance. She and her band gave us a killer rendition of the classic ‘Spooky’.

With a deep pocket from her band mates Aaron, James and Brad, Mikk gave us a stunning performance that would make Dusty Springfield proud.

Spooky was Mixed and Recorded by Tim McArtney, Owen Penglis and Radi Safi. 

This Live from Happy session was made possible by the generous support of AVID and Mojave. AVID is a music company who make the infamous Pro Tools Software, Sibelius and Audio Interfaces and Mojave make world class microphones that are affordable without compromise .

In this session Happy utilised Pro Tools and Avid Carbon Pre Audio Interfaces and the Mojave MA-D Dynamic Handheld Microphone.

In Sydney for some shows, Mikk and the band rolled in and performed two songs for us — their tasty version of Spooky and her latest release Packet of Reaction (we’ll drop that performance soon!).

Bringing a 70s vibe to the song, Mikk and James sparred guitar riffs while Aaron on bass and Brad on drums held down a soulful groove. You can catch Mikk supporting Boo Seeka on his regional tour over the next few months.

Here’s what Mikk had to say about her choice of the song Spooky before taking the stage:

“I choose Spooky cos I think its a banger, and a two chord banger. There’s a lot of fun you can have with just two chords, especially when you’re having solos.

Check out the performance below:

To find out more about Mikk head over to her Instagram.

To find out more about our sponsors please head to their websites: AVID and Mojave Audio.