Montgomery Performs ‘Postcard’ Live From Happy

Melbourne musician and producer Montgomery swung by our studio, Noise Machines, for a beautiful performance of her song ‘Postcard‘ for our Live From Happy series.

Surrounded by her favourite musical instruments, Montgomery performed with her signature synth-pop highlighting the mood of what the track is about — grief, and the wonder of afterlife.

Lauten Audio’s support made this Live from Happy session possible using microphones like the LS-208 noise rejecting large diaphragm condenser.

Setting up a station that included a vintage Roland drum machine, a two synths, and a vocal effects unit, Montgomery set a big vibe for her track ‘Postcard‘ and we soon realised why she’s a talented producer who you should keep an ear out for.

The EP ‘Opal 67’ — released in February 2022 — that it comes from is a dreamy world of synths and soundscapes that uncovers themes of navigating adulthood.

Here’s what Montgomery had to say about ‘Postcard‘ before taking the stage:

“I tried to do a lofi arrangement on these things. The song is from my EP ‘Opal 67’ that came out last year, and it’s about grief and trying to understand if there is an afterlife.

Hope you like it!”

Check out the performance below:

To find out more about Montgomery head over to her Instagram.

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