Happy Mag’s Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is approaching, so don’t slack off with generic gifts.

Show serious love by showering her with a perfect drop of pet nat, a wine subscription from one of the best wine companies on the planet, plant based dining, or some concert tickets to her fav artists.

Let’s not sit idle – go all out to spoil your mama this Mother’s Day!

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Unico Zelo wines: Tropo

Forgo the mimosa this Mother’s Day and surprise Mum with something fizzy and unique: Tropo’s brand new Pet Nat!

This ain’t your average bubbly. It’s a party in a bottle, bubbling with sunshine-y flavours like spring strawberries, pickled cherries, and ripe pear. Think creaming soda meets rosé with a touch of depth from skin-contact Pinot Gris.

Plus, it’s dry, saline, and totally delicious with brunch, dessert, or just good company. Mum will love its versatility and you’ll love supporting Tropo’s sustainable practices. They also have a helluva Thirts Aid Kit gift subscription.

Raise a glass to the amazing woman in your life with Tropo’s Pet Nat. Cheers to Mum!


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Plant Based Dining

The crew behind Sydney’s Vandal have opened the doors of Kimusabi, a welcome addition to the dining scene in the Inner West, bringing a vegan feast with loads of gluten-free options that are not only healthy but incredibly delicious too.

Plant based sushi with yuzu-marinated king oyster mushrooms or tempura-battered sweet potato and avocado maki rolls drizzled with creamy cashew sauce ensure everyone’s palates are satisfied.

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Addidas has teamed up with Bumble to conquer gymtimidation and find her the perfect workout buddy.

No more feeling lost or judged at the gym:

  • Find a “Gym Buddy” with Bumble: Easily connect with like-minded women on Bumble or Bumble BFF who share Mum’s fitness goals.
  • Strengthen together: to pair with the app, gift your mum the new Adidas Strength collection, providing the ultimate in comfort and support for every lift and pose.
  • Confidence from the inside out: Let Mum experience the joy of fitness in a supportive community, free from fear and intimidation.

This Mother’s Day, give her the gift of strength, friendship, self-love and the perfect workout kit. Let’s get healthy and happy, together!

P.S. Bonus points if you join her!


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Sydney Theatre Company Season 2024

Treat your mum to a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget – with the gift of live theatre! Here’s a few reasons the Sydney Theatre Company’s 2024 season is the perfect present.

1. Stolen: A classic Australian play by Muruwari playwright Jane Harrison. Directed by Ian Michael, this powerful production delves into the lives of Jimmy, Ruby, Shirley, Sandy, and Anne—members of the Stolen Generation. The play seamlessly moves between past and present, featuring a remarkable cast and serving as a poignant record of Australian history and an illumination of ongoing injustices faced by the First Nations people.

2. Julia: A special encore season of the acclaimed 2023 theatrical experience featuring the talented Justine Clarke as Australia’s first female prime minister, Julia Gillard. Playwright Joanna Murray-Smith, Director Sarah Goodes, and an outstanding creative team present a stirring re-examination, offering a compelling insight into Gillard’s life and the challenges faced by women in politics. Don’t miss this electrifying performance, showered with critical acclaim and a 2023 sell-out season. A fictional imagining based on true events, Julia remains a must-see for those interested in outstanding acting, top-notch directing, Australian politics, and the inspiring story of a woman who changed history.

3. Dracula:Experience Kip Williams’ Gothic trilogy’s final masterpiece, Count Dracula, a radical blend of technology, design, and powerful acting. Starring Zahra Newman in every role, this cine-theatre spectacle, set in a Transylvanian castle, weaves a bewitching tale of evil’s transformative spell on Victorian London. Unmissable theatre, marking the pinnacle of recent theatrical innovation.

Make this Mother’s Day truly special with the Sydney Theatre Company’s 2024 season. It’s a gift that celebrates creativity, connection, and the power of storytelling.


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Missy Higgins

“The Second Act Tour,” marks 20 years since Missy Higgins debut album, ‘The Sound Of White.’ The unique tour features a two-act show, including stops at the iconic State Theatre.

The first set showcases new songs and early career fan favourites in stripped-back, acoustic mode. After an intermission, Missy returns with her full band to perform ‘The Sound Of White’ in its entirety and other hits. Don’t miss this special celebration of one of Australia’s most influential albums and Missy’s enduring impact on the music scene.

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Beth Orton

Renowned for her captivating stage presence and emotive vocals, English singer-songwriter Beth Orton graces City Recital Hall with her full band, presenting ‘Weather Alive,’ one of 2022’s most critically acclaimed records, as part of the Singular Voices series.

This marks Orton’s first Sydney show in six years, featuring songs from her diverse career spanning almost three decades—from collaborations with The Chemical Brothers to her pioneering electronic trip-hop sound. Join her on this musical journey that defies categorization.


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Womanizer Next

Treat a sex-positive mama to a modern-day toy. This innovative pleasure device combines advanced 3D Pleasure Air technology with the latest Climax Control feature for a heightened experience. Designed to enhance your journey of pleasure, the Womanizer Next offers a discreet and luxurious touch to moments of bliss.

Explore customizable patterns with quiet operation, making it a subtle and sublime gift for Mother’s Day.

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Emma Sleep

Treat Mum to the ultimate sleep experience this Mother’s Day! Apologies for those restless nights, Mum – to make up for pretty much anything and everything you put ya mum through, a gift from Emma Sleep, renowned for it’s comfort and across the board 5 star reviews will make it all G. Plus you can get into some substantial savings this season with up to 50% off on mattresses, beds, sofas, and more.

Emma Sleeps mothers day gift 2024 savings




Gift mum a motivational gift this mothers day, because sometimes it’s hard to lose the baby weight, and sometimes, all that is needed is a little caring gift form someone who knows you best. Juniper’s GLP1 weight loss program has been a game-changer, boasting an impressive success rate.

According to a study published in the Journal of Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, patients on this program are a staggering 450% more likely to achieve significant weight loss compared to those in clinical trials. What’s the secret? It’s all about combining GLP-1 medications with health coaching and personalised treatment plans.

Here’s a snapshot of the results from the study’s three patient groups:

  • Patients were twice as likely to shed at least 15% of their body weight, and they did it in less time.
  • Almost 90% of patients managed to lose more than 5% of their body weight within 32 weeks.
  • Remarkably, one out of every four patients achieved a weight loss of at least 15% by the 32-week mark.

But the success of Juniper’s program isn’t just about the numbers. Dr. Matt Vickers, Juniper’s Clinical Director, emphasises the importance of personalised guidance on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes for long-term success.

Enter Juniper’s Weight Reset Program – a comprehensive digital obesity management solution that offers personalised support to encourage sustainable weight loss. This approach isn’t just effective; it’s also friendly and accessible, making it a perfect fit for many Australians – mums or not – looking to embark on their weight loss journey.


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