Mr Rhodes Performs ‘Stay Gold’ Live From Happy


In our Live From Happy series, we caught up with Mr Rhodes, the talented vocalist, producer, and songwriter hailing from the Northern River region of Lismore, NSW, Australia.

Accompanied by Shy Jnr in our very own Noise Machine Studio, Mr Rhodes shared a candid, unfiltered and genuine session with his latest single, “Stay Gold.”

The Live from Happy session was made possible by the invaluable support of Mode, whose evocative seltzers skilfully capture the essence of nostalgic moments, transporting you to cherished memories with every sip.

mr rhodes

Set against the backdrop of a stunning piano arrangement courtesy of Shy Jnr, Mr. Rhodes sets to music his transformation as an artist, from Lismore, to our very own Noise Machines Studio in Sydney. 

Mr. Rhodes offers a stripped-down version of his latest release, “Stay Gold,” channeling his well-recognised blend of classic hip-hop aesthetics and lo-fi sensibilities, and swapping the piano for his usual experimental electronica.

Check out the performance below:

Embodying Mr. Rhodes’ distinct style, the performance highlights life’s essentials, to nurture your inner child, and above all else to stay true to yourself. Maintaining a heartfelt genuineness throughout, “Stay Gold” makes for a compelling listen, with the mantra “Do What I do To Stay Gold” leaving a lasting impact long after the last note fades.

With “Stay Gold” Mr. Rhodes introduces an unfiltered and authentic blend to the scene.

To find out more about Mr Rhodes and Shy Jr head over to their Instagrams.

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