Needle In The Hay Spotlight: The Slingers

Needle In The Hay Spotlight: The Slingers


The Slingers Needle In The Hay Spotlight

Dreamy synths, pounding grooves, and stadium-sized vocals: there’s a lot to love about The Slingers and their new single, Down to the Bone.

The Slingers dish up a tone that comprises lush synthscapes and solid grooves that are wrapped in an unmistakably Australiana package. The latest such addition to an already fascinating oeuvre is Down to the Bone.

Appearing on the excellent Love Hurts compilation from the iconic Flightless Records, Love Hurts is a seductive slow burner. The crooning vocals hit you, and immediately, you’re plunged into a fantasy that reminds you of all the very best things about ’80s rock.

The Slingers Down to the Bone

A band of this quality is no stranger to the Needle In The Hay comp. The Slingers made the shortlist of finalists in 2018, then featured prominently again in 2020. In keeping with their two-year pattern, Down to the Bone has arrived right on cue.

With this combination of epic synthcraft, irresistible head-nodding grooves, and anthemic choruses (that feature all-too-relatably painful lyrics about lost love), Down to the Bone — as the title suggests — cuts deep.

Love Hurts — which features Down to the Bone — is out now via Flightless Records.

To find more about The Slingers, head over to their website.

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