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Parker Needle In The Hay spotlight

Gold Coast singer-songwriter takes his deserved place in the Needle In The Hay Spotlight. 

We are approaching the end of this year’s Needle In The Hay season. With submissions closing on March 22, we’ve been treated to bucketloads of stellar tunes from some of the country’s most promising acts.

One such musician is Gold Coast singer-songwriter Parker, whose single Sofa Bed takes its deserved place in the spotlight. 

Parker Needle In The Hay spotlight

A shimmering indie-pop cut, Sofa Bed glistens from start to finish, coasting on catchy percussive flairs and guitar melodies so sunlit you might just need a pair of shades.

For all its infectious pop flourishes, which also include choral chants, glittery keys, and ascendant brass sections Sofa Bed is equally at home in more diverse sounds, from blissful fuzz to surf rock. 

So pristine is the track that Parker could count himself among the very musicians he considers influences, with traces of everyone from Dominic Fike to The Smiths and DMA’S.

While Sofa Bed is one of Parker’s more recent efforts — released in 2023 alongside Isle of Madness and Local Paradise — the musician’s brilliance stretches back to 2021.

That year saw Parker make his debut with the resplendent EP Hunky Dory, kickstarting a trajectory that would later land him with a live set at Byron Bay Bluesfest.

With a catalogue as stellar as Parker’s, it’s clear that’s just the beginning, so get to know a little bit more about the singer-songwriter with his single Sofa Bed above. You can thank us later.      

Stay connected to Parker via Instagram.   

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