Needle In The Hay Spotlight: Euan Hart


Let’s get into the poetic vocals of Needle in the Hay submission, Euan Hart with his gorgeous single, Snowflake.

Euan Hart is an emerging solo artist making his way fast into the Aussie music scene!

Euan’s 2022 entry to Needle In The Hay marks the start of a new and exciting period for him! Encapsulating poetically driven lyrics and vocal tones, Euan’s eloquent track Snowflake has created a spatial atmosphere fueled by a rush of romances and induced by gorgeous string instruments and soaring vocals.

Performance Euan Hart
Credit: Instagram

In this dreamy synth sound that floats along between 60s jangly breathless wonder, Euan creates a spatial cinemascope within the cluster of instruments. It’s a little peek into what Euan is all about, capturing his emotions that pour out. In the last month, Euan has played shows in Athens and Dublin, sharing his music internationally, I wonder where he’ll play next!

Snowflake is out now on all streaming platforms. Give it a listen here.

Credit: Instagram

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