Needle In The Hay Spotlight: High Tropics



nith 2023

high tropics

High Tropics deliver indie rock at its best, effortlessly blending timeless nostalgia with a modern edge.

High Tropics effortlessly conjures the atmosphere of your beloved indie rock dive—a place where time seems to stand still, and the jukebox unexpectedly unleashes a wave of early 2000s nostalgia.

Fronted by Queensland’s very own singer-songwriter extraordinaire, Josh Stewart, High Tropics brings a laid-back, garage rock revival energy to the table that’s irresistibly cool.

high tropics

This project was initially Stewart’s creative escape, an outlet for those tunes that didn’t quite mesh with the vibes of his previous alt-rock group, The Ninjas.

After a year that saw Josh Stewart and High Tropics gain a lot of traction in the indie rock ranks, they’ve now unveiled their latest offering, “Vodka Soda.”

It’s a laid-back indie rock gem that goes down as effortlessly as the eponymous drink itself.

Stewart’s perfect indie rock vocals take center stage, delivering introspective, relatable verses that strike a chord.

But “Vodka Soda” isn’t merely a trip down memory lane; and High Tropics isn’t merely chasing nostalgia—they are actively shaping it for a new generation.

As High Tropics continues to navigate the indie rock waters, “Vodka Soda” stands tall as a laid-back anthem, a musical elixir that leaves us yearning for more. Keep an ear out for this band; they’re poised for something truly extraordinary. Here’s to that!

Check out High Tropics Instagram here.

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