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Merryn Jeann is gracing this year’s Needle In The Hay with some indie pop goodness in the form of ‘Me B4 U’—and serendipitously, this little gem dropped today in real life.

We caught an early listen as an entry to our annual NITH competition and were absolutely blown away by its originality and perfect alt – pop brilliance.

Delve into an extra layer of genius, and be sure to check out the self-directed music video when it drops tonight.

A seemingly nonsensical yet deeply reflective coming-of-age anthem, ‘Me B4 U’ emotionally navigates the intricate complexities of love, delving into Merryn’s personal experiences.

Exploring the notion that, to truly welcome someone into your life and cultivate a fulfilling relationship, you must first surrender to yourself.

Merryn says it best “I guess you can still really love someone even if you’re a bit rocky with yourself, as long as there’s self-reflection and the willingness to get to know yourself alongside them/the relationship. It’s also a coming-of-age song I’ve envisioned people listening to in the car, windows down, and hands playing with the wind like in every indie love film ever.”

‘Me B4 U’ marks the second single from DOG BEACH, Merryn Jeann’s inaugural full-length album slated for release in February 2024.

Needle In The Hay is a competition run by Happy Mag, giving one artist the chance to win 250 copies of their single on 7-inch vinyl. To enter or find out more, click here.

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