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Our annual Needle In The Hay competition unearths gold from here and across the ditch

Welcome back to our annual music showcase, Needle In The Hay (NITH), where we sift through the finest sounds from Australia and New Zealand.

This time around, our radar is locked onto Melbourne’s very own Radio Free Alice—a dynamic 5-piece leading the charge in a new era of high-energy guitar rock.

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Last November, Radio Free Alice dropped an EP that’s been turning heads. Laden with hits like ‘Waste Of Space,’ ‘I Gotta (Fall In Love),’ and ‘Paris Is Gone,’ their self titled EP is nothing short of brilliant.

But today, we’re zeroing in on their NITH entry, ‘Look What You’ve Done’—a gem from the same stellar EP that’s got us hooked.

Radio Free Alice have also dropped a couple of great vids: in particular ‘Waste Of Space,’ and ‘Look What You’ve Done’ (live from the living room)’.

Their music is a concoction of classic UK alt punk vibes from yesteryear, intertwined with post-punk riffs, boundless energy, and lyrics that pack a punch. It’s a homage to their favorite artists, but with a wholly unique sound.

It’s clear from the outset, that Radio Free Alice isn’t just another band; they’re carving out a very solid path in the Australian music scene.

So, as we eagerly anticipate the upcoming NITH comp where we can share the impressive list of nominees that are safe to say – ensuring Australia and NZ music is in good hands, get to know Radio Free Alice, because they are a band worth knowing – and knowing well.

Stay connected to Radio Free Alice via Instagram.

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