Needle In The Hay Spotlight: Sig Wilder & Friends



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Sig Wilder & Friends

Introducing Sig & Friends: The Wellington-based musical enchanters spreading soulful melodies and heartfelt connections.

Surely by now you’re aware that we’re running a sick competition for local bands to get their single printed on vinyl, right? Happy Mag’s NITH competition has seen gold come in droves as bands submit their amazing and underground releases for our judging panel to pursue. We reckon a standout might be Sig Wilder & Friends.

Sig Wilder & Friends is the brainchild of Matthew Campbell, an American singer-songwriter who now calls Wellington, New Zealand his home. The band’s most recent release, “Light Tower,” encapsulates a dreamy and warm sound that soothes the restless heart.

Sig Wilder & Friends

There is a distinct charm in the inclusion of “Friends” in the band’s name, as it brings forth a sense of genuine connection. As you listen to tracks like “Light Tower” and “Stop Myself,” you can feel a profound emotional resonance. It’s as if Sig Wilder & Friends have tapped into the core of the human psyche, reminding us of our shared existence and interconnectedness.

The music features mellow guitar strums that create a comforting atmosphere, accompanied by restrained and slightly tipsy drum rhythms. Sig’s gritty vocals, combined with the crystal-clear tones of the female vocalist, add depth and emotion to the songs. The guitar melodies flow like water, washing over the listener with a sense of tranquility.

Interestingly, there is a hint of New Zealand cowboy energy present in Sig Wilder & Friends’ music. While the image of cowboys might be more commonly associated with the American West, it’s a captivating blend that brings a unique flavor to their sound; a marriage of Matthew’s past and present.

Their music serves as a reminder that despite our diverse backgrounds and experiences, we are all connected by a shared humanity. Through their organic and heartfelt compositions, the band invites listeners to slow down, reflect, and appreciate the beauty of our interconnected world.

“Light Tower” is a testament to Sig Wilder & Friends’ ability to capture the essence of human emotions and weave them into an unforgettable musical experience.


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