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TWIN ENVY are coming in hot for this year’s Needle In The Hay with their stellar indie-pop entry Reptilian Overlords.

Adorned in glistening synths and brimming with the not-so-distant nostalgia of MGMT or Phoenix, the shimmering pop cut offers the sonic equivalent of an afternoon spent in the sun. 


Lush textures and ear-catching flairs drip from every corner of the production, with catchy hooks and earworm melodies creating something altogether infectious.

It’s the work of true virtuosos with an ear for what sticks, which is the manifesto behind TWIN ENVY co-founders Jessie Konrad and Robbie Williamson. 


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The buttery vocals you hear on Reptilian Overlords come courtesy of Konrad, a Tucson-based singer-songwriter whose warm timbre brings the track its sun-drenched feel.

For his part, Phoenix resident Williamson adds cohesion and a playful hand to the production, with the pair’s collective efforts making for a truly unforgettable NITH entry. 

The calibre of Reptilian Overlords is especially impressive given TWIN ENVY’s relative greenness in the scene. The duo’s debut album PSYCHIC DELI arrived in 2021, with a smattering of stellar singles keeping listeners consistently enraptured since then. 

The track is evidence of TWIN ENVY’s clear talent and patent passion for what they do, making them ideal entrants for this year’s Needle In The Hay. Listen to the song above, and head here to find TWIN ENVY on Instagram.     

Needle In The Hay is a competition run by Happy Mag, giving one artist the chance to win 250 copies of their single on 7-inch vinyl. To enter or find out more, click here.

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