Needle In The Hay Spotlight: YUMI



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Step into the ethereal wonderland of YUMI, where the nostalgic echoes of 60’s reverb meet a dark and edgy pop punk twist.

YUMI’s music is a flawless fusion of influences, drawing from the likes of Nico from The Velvet Underground, the sultry sounds of Dusty Springfield, and the bold charisma of Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang.”

The result is a dreamy, hazy atmosphere that envelops you in its arms, captivating your senses and taking you on an enchanting musical journey.

YUMI single 'Coffee'

YUMI’s breathy alto vocals gracefully dance atop the enchanting soundscape, creating a mesmerizing blend of melancholic beauty that captures your heart.

The titular track of her recently dropped EP, this musical masterpiece serves as a poignant soundtrack to the timeless struggle of concealing heartbreak.

With each track featuring different groups of talented musicians, the release beautifully charts YUMI’s growth as a songwriter, taking us on an emotional journey through her musical evolution.

The meticulous mixing and mastering of the EP were deftly handled by the brilliant Owen Penglis, known for his remarkable work with Straight Arrows.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. YUMI’s highly anticipated ‘Better Without You’ EP finds its home with none other than Damaged Goods Records, the legendary punk rock indie label known for their association with iconic acts like the influential Buzzcocks.

This partnership solidifies YUMI’s position within the indie pop realm, where her unique sound continues to shape the landscape of dream pop-infused music.

So, soak up the vibe, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of YUMI, and let her melodies transport you to a place of pure musical bliss. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

Check out YUMI’s Instagram here.

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