NOT A BOYS NAME Perform ‘Fuck It Up’ Live at Enmore


Sydney’s NOT A BOYS NAME is not your average project. Consisting of some truly heavy hitters, and fronted by producer extraordinaire Dave Jenkins Jr., this band came ready to play. The song: Fuck It Up. 

Jenkins Jr. was more than ably supported by the one and only Bec Sandridge and Dan Williams (Art vs. Science) in this Live at Enmore session.

Replete with angular melodies, a tag team lead vocal, roto tom fills and even a police siren, the band crammed a ton of fun into their performance. Jam-packed with unforgettable hooks, Fuck It Up is a track that’ll be replaying in your head for days. 

Fuck It Up was Mixed and Recorded by Dan Shaw, Owen Penglis and Radi Safi

Not a Boys Name

Reminiscent of classic new wave bands like The B-52s and Devo, the song was all-energy and earworms. Spiky riffs were supported by hard-hitting drums and the pitch-shifted vocal motif of Williams. Jenkins Jr. and Sandridge swapped verses at breakneck tempos and combined for glorious choruses. 

Here’s what Dave Jenkins Jr. had to say about Fuck It Up:

This is a song about working with your friends, specifically toxic friendships, and when things get a little bit close, they don’t really work out.

Check out the performance below:

To stream Fuck It Up and other NOT A BOYS NAME music, head over to Spotify. Find out more about the project at the NOT A BOYS NAME website.